Acumulus9 Inc. forges ahead with introduction of QindredCam, the new generation of lifelogging camera with built-in intelligence

The QindredCam is the first Wearable Camera with a built-in intelligence, along with a Cloud Service to help you capture, curate, edit and share your videos and photos for you

Come visit us at our booth and check out our last functioning prototype in action! We'll be at MediaTek booth Hall 6 Stand 6E21

Mobile World Congress 2015, Barcelona, Palo Alto, March 1st 2015, Acumulus9 Inc. will showcase its QindredCam, the first Wearable Camera with built-in intelligence, along with a Cloud Service to help you capture, curate, edit, and share your videos and photos for you.  All you have to do is clip it on your shirt or wear it around your neck…So relax, and enjoy your time with family and friends! 

Live Your Moments.

Unlike other wearables on the market, the QindredCam captures photos and videos using an array of sensors and intelligent software all aimed to help you capture photos only when it matters. When the QindredCam is connected to WiFi, all the photos and videos you take are sent to the cloud. There, they will be organized and edited for you and your loved ones to enjoy on our Qindred mobile app or any browser. The "Highlight" option on the app will only show you the best photos or videos, as refined by our Cloud Service. Once your moments are safely stored in the cloud, you can privately share them with your family and friends. Anyone can get a Qindred login for free, whether or not they have the camera. 

QindredCam Features:


  • Automatic, intelligent photo and video capturing based on its environment
  • User selectable "InterActive" mode for special moments you don't want to miss (such as child's birthday party...this mode will reduce battery standby time)
  • User selectable "Active" mode for non-social moments you don't want to miss (such as hiking in a beautiful park...this mode will reduce battery standby time)
  • Manual Capture option for photo and video (control at your finger tip)


  • 8 megapixels SONY camera sensor
  • 140° wide-angle lens
  • Maximum 8 megapixel photo capture 
  • Maximum 1080p video capture


  • 2 built-in microphones for audio capture with noise cancellation
  • Built-in speaker for alerts, comfort music or communication


  • Sensors to make sure the best quality photos are being captured. These sensors are sensing the wearer's motion, lighting conditions, and what is in front of the camera.
  • GPS  (used to organize photos by location)


  • 4 GB of internal storage (this will be used as storage space when you don't have access to wifi)

Wireless connectivity:

  • WiFi and Bluetooth wireless access
  • Battery charging and management:
  • 10-15 hours of battery life  (depending on amount of activity in your environment)
  • Micro-USB charging 

Mounting options:

  • Interchangeable wearable mounts (clips and magnets)
  • Removable straps
  • Mounting options for home, car and bike

There are 3 flavors of Qindred apps to interact with Qindred: 

  • Qindred Android App
  • Qindred iOS App
  • Qindred web